Nachbetrachtungen des Google-Youtube-Deals

Ein paar interessante Fakten dazu liefert folgender Blog-Eintrag.

Danach haben die beiden Youtube-Gründer nach dem Deal je rund 320 Mio $ erhalten und diverse Youtube-Mitarbeiter wurden dadurch zu Dotcom-Millionären.

Erneut interessant ist die Rolle von Sequoia Capital, welche aus einem Investment von 11.5 Mio $ innerhalb von nur sechs Monaten 442 Mio $ erzielt haben.

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One Response to Nachbetrachtungen des Google-Youtube-Deals

  1. MPB says:

    YouTube’s Investors

    Everyone knows Sequoia Capital and YouTube’s founders and employees did very well when Google bought the company last year for $1.65 billion. But, there were other shareholders that profited. By how much, you ask? Well, here is a breakdown listed by the number of Google shares received in the deal:

    176,171 ($82.8 million) – Artis Capital Management – A San Francisco hedge fund headed by Stuart Peterson that ocassionally co-invests with Sequoia. David Lamond, the son of 26-year Sequoia veteran Pierre Lamond, works at Artis.

    13,744 ($6.4 million) – TriplePoint Capital – A venture leasing company that has provided financing to hundreds of startups.

    6,779 ($3.1 million) – Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati – YouTube’s law firm that is also an investor in the Sequoia Capital fund that invested in YouTube. WSGR will receive 1,703 Google shares from that investment.

    The leftovers weren’t worth nearly as much as the $1.2 billion shared by Sequoia Capital and YouTube’s founders and employees. But, the tally of $92.4 million based on Google’s $470 closing stock price on Wednesday isn’t anything to scoff at.

    Here is the complete list on the SEC website:

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