Internet-Investments in Europa

Zwei interessante Artikel zum Thema:

“European Web2.0 investments are BIG and have skyrocketed from last year. More than £144mn was raised in Europe across seed and first rounds in 2006 by 54 European web2.0 companies. This total doesn’t include the “undisclosed investment” rounds, of which there were 16. The growth is remarkable. In the UK in 2005, just £24mn was invested into web2.0 companies. In 2006 that figure increased threefold with £79mn worth of early stage investments into 21 companies.”

Mehr: 2006 Early Stage Venture Capital into European Web2.0

“There has been a surge in venture capital investment into European consumer internet companies over the last year, according to new figures published on Monday. Across Europe, First Capital estimates that more than £144m was raised in 2006 for internet companies. The company does not have a comparative figure for 2005.”

Mehr: Internet investment surges in Europe (Financial Times)


2 Responses to Internet-Investments in Europa

  1. Künstliches Holz

    Ein Werkstoff, welcher aus einem in grosser Menge anfallendem Abfallprodukt konstengünstig hergestellt werden kann? Welcher leicht, stabil und einfach bearbeitbar ist? Der zur Entsorgung einfach in Wasser aufgelöst werden kann?
    Tönt wie…

  2. […] seinem Artikel 2006 Early Stage Venture Capital into European Web2.0 (gesehen auf If You Can Dream It You Can Do It)listet Paul Fisher Europäische Web 2.0 Startups auf, die über Venture Capital finanziert worden […]

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