Die Chinesen kopieren so ziemlich alles… (und das ist gar nicht Mal böse gemeint ;-)

Man vergleiche das Original

mit der Kopie

Der Klon aus Peking wurde übrigens soeben von einem chinesischen Konsortium übernommen…

Mehr Details dazu, gibt es hier.


4 Responses to Die Chinesen kopieren so ziemlich alles… (und das ist gar nicht Mal böse gemeint ;-)

  1. […] Yet is unclear, whether the all these similarities produce a legal problem. As far as I have read, Facebook does not threaten to sue StudiVz. The founders of StudiVZ often claim that StudiVZ is simply a new development. Some bloggers also point out that the real effort is not the design, but to create the databases for running the platform (see Comment on Medienrauschen) Other sites have also copied Facebook, such as Unister, Xianoei.Com or PhatCouch.Com – which indicates that StudiVZ copying of the Facebook idea is either not as illegal or is simply the standard business model of social networks (see Mashable (I), Mashable (II), EveryDigg, IfYouCanDreamIt, Gründerszene). […]

  2. Kasi-Blog says:

    StudiVZ Encyclopedia – the most complete summary (until now)

    This is a summary of articles and blogs related to StudiVZ. Previously I have written various articles on StudiVZ on the following topics: StudiVZ and TakingITGlobal.org, Facebook, Unister and StudiVZ, 100 blonde friends on StudiVZ, StudiVZ and Penne…

  3. Kasi-Blog says:

    StudiVZ and Facebook – Huge Data Leak(s)

    This morning Don Alphonso announced that StudiVZ has a huge data leak – which seems to be the next big problem in the StudiVZ history.
    The images are saved on a different server and have public access – despite the StudiVZ announcement that data privac…

  4. […] copyied a standard business model used by social network (see Dittes, Mashable (I), Mashable (II), EveryDigg, IfYouCanDreamIt, […]

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